keep your outboard safe with engineguard

the first standalone alarm and tracking system for outboards

that works for 8 years on an independent power source.

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how can i start using engineguard?

how it works

EngineGuard uses an internal battery that provides at least 8 years of operation. Its unintrusive design and compact size (80x70x20 mm) makes it easy to mount inside the outboard and remain unnoticed by thieves. If the outboard is removed from the boat it will send an alarm to your smartphone and start showing outboard’s location on the map.

Simple. Order your EngineGuard. Install the BoatGuard app and register your device with  the code provided on the packaging. Place your device in a hidden spot inside the outboard and fix the adjecent cord to the boat. Done. Your outboard is now guarded by Engineguard.





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