a simple device that enables boat owners to

monitor and protect their boat with a click of a button.

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A low power design keeps your boat safe

all year long

Modular design that allows you to connect unlimited additional sensors and relay actuators

Monitor devices that are crucial to your boat's safety and receive an alarm on your smartphone when they are not working properly

Check up on the status of your boat with an Android or iOS application

Monitor your boat's battery level, bilge water level, bilge pump status and GPS location

Works in even more remote locations by using GSM network with GPRS data transfer


how it works

BOATGUARD is a monitoring solution that gives you comfort and peace of mind. It is a low power device that will monitor equipment that is crucial to your boat's safety all year long. When something on your boat is not working properly, BOATGUARD will send you an alarm to your smartphone. It will also monitor battery level, bilge water level, bilge pump status and the boat's GPS location.


With BOATGUARD you can control your boat by switching off devices that you accidentally left on or even switch on devices so that they are in full function when you arrive (like air con, refrigerator, heating, and deck lights). All controls are easily accessible by using the BOATGUARD iOS or Android app.


Modular design of BOATGUARD allows you to extend its functionality according to your needs. You can connect 8 sensors or actuators per module and as many modules as you need to achieve maximum comfort and control.

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boatguard app:

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to test the app:

Username: test

Password: test



>   low battery alarm

>   battery full notification

>   electrical drain in amps

>   current batter level

>   battery cutoff

/ functions /


bilge pump

>   anchor drifting alarm

>   geofence alarm

>   current location

>   switched and working too long

>   clogged

>   running dry/burn-up protection

extension modules

>   attach up to 8 sensors or actuators

     per extension

>   receive warning about temperature,

     fire, moisture etc.

>   remotely control your boat's air

     conditioning, cabin or deck lights or

     even refrigerators


boatguard presents engineguard

july 9th, 2015


EngineGuard is the first standalone alarm and tracking system for outboards that works 8 years on an independent  power source. Its unintrusive design and compact size (80x70x20 mm) makes it easy to mount inside the outboard and remain unnoticed by thieves. If the outboard is removed from the boat it will send an alarm to your smartphone and start showing outboard’s location on the map.

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